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A History of Egg Harbor Yachts

Egg Harbor yachts was started in 1946 by Russell Post, Phil Boyd, Harold Care and C.P. Leek.

In the 1950's, C.P. Leek bought out the company's stock from his partners and combined Egg Harbor with Pacemaker Yachts. In the 1960's, this company grew to become one of the larger boat manufacturers in the country.

Even though it was part of Pacemaker, Egg Harbor held its own identity building a limited quantity of high end cruising and fishing yachts. Egg Harbor's legacy grew throughout the 60's and 70's, building boats from 30 to 48 feet and converting from wood construction to fiberglass in the 1970's.

Fuqua Industries purchased Pacemaker Yachts, Inc. and the Egg Harbor line in 1965 with all of this being sold to Mission Marine in 1976.

Eventually Mission Marine experienced financial troubles when interest rates rose to 20% during the late 1970's eventually forcing Mission Marine into Chapter 11 in 1979.

An investor group of Phil Boyd, Jr., Donald Leek, Peter and Walt Johnson, Jr. and Robert Traenkle purchased the assets of Egg Harbor in 1980. During the 1980's Egg Harbor continued in production.

Robert Traenkle purchased all shares of Egg Harbor Yacht Company in 1988. During the late 1980's and early 1990's production continued with the notable launching of the Golden Egg Series.

Despite these triumphs difficult economics including heavy debt and the institution of the boat luxury tax prompted Traenkle's former partners to retake the company and file Chapter 11 in 1990.

In March 1992, Egg Harbor Yacht Company, Inc. came out of Chapter 11 when the courts approved the company's economic plan. The ownership at that point was Donald Leek, Peter and Walt Johnson, Jr. and Rudy Lehnert.

Financial troubles again forced Egg Harbor to stop production in 1997. Two years later Dr. Ira M. Trocki, purchased Egg Harbor Yachts. Trocki revamped the factory and invested $10 million. Soon Dr. Trocki bought Revenge Yachts and Predator Custom Yachts, and immediately moved the companies to Egg Harbor City, NJ for the ease of combined manufacturing.

Egg Harbor continues producing yachts today.